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New --------Listen to a Steinway XR Duo-Art

NEW------Using RTV for sealing leather-----NEW


Have a desire to learn more about your Player Piano, or to see how to service or rebuild your Piano?  These two books by Art Reblitz (Left & Right) are the finest source of information available today.  The Player Piano Servicing and Repair Book will show you  just how the Player Piano works, and information on the many different player systems in player pianos.

The Piano Servicing,Tuning, & Rebuilding Book will give you information to learn what is involved in a piano, and to service or repair your instrument.

If you want to see the history of Automatic Musical Instruments, the Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers is the one to own.  You will find it hard to put down.  This is NOT a book on rebuilding, but a book on the history of these instruments.  You will not believe how much information with pictures is in this one book!

Please "CLICK " on Desired Book for more information and Pricing.

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Follow the Restoration of  a Starck Standard Action Piano and Player

Work on Busker Organ, Made and Improved by  Brian Flora

Click on Picture or Link to see and hear this Busker Organ

Unidentified Calliope Pipes

Pictures and sound files of the Faventia Barrel Piano recently restored in the shops of "Yesterday's Music. Restoration included the  replacement of the pin block with a new "Delignite" pin block, which enables the  piano to stay in  tune and be tuned  for years. Click HERE to Visit Now!

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How we got started Information about the early days  of "Yesterday's Music"

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1909 North Tonawanda Military Band Organ Real   SOLD!

Seeburg Electric Upright Piano, Quartered Oak "SOLD" But you can still listen to the Real Audio Files!!!!

Spanish Street Piano, Barrel Operated SOLD!

Berry-Wood Electric Upright Piano  SOLD!

Variety of Reproducing Pianos , Ampico, Welte, Duo-Art, Recordo  Pictures of each piano coming soon!

Over 4000 Player Piano Rolls  + Ampico's, Duo-Arts, and Others   If interested in a bulk buy,

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Interesting Pictures

Here are some of the many pictures that I have taken while restoring  instruments.  Where possible, there are "RealAudio" files.  More pictures will be posted as time permits. 

Hal O'Rourke' Raffin Organ             

Restoration of a Antique Pump Reed Organ 

Restoration of Steinway  "Style X Duo Art"   

Restoration of a Gulbransen Player Piano with Glued Stack

Restoration of a Gulbransen Player Piano with screwed stack

Restoration of a Baldwin Modello Player Piano Action

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Pictures  are added as time permits. Thanks for your patience!

Interesting Sounds

Faventia Hand Cranked Barrel Piano

Faventia Hand Cranked Barrel Piano #2

Knabe Ampico Grand - Model "A"

Knabe Ampico Grand - Model "A" #2

Raffin Hand Cranked Street Organ

Seeburg Electric Upright Coin Piano

Steinway Duo-Art Reproducer 

* "Coming Soon"

Unless otherwise noted, these are recordings of instruments that have been restored by Al Pebworth at
Pebworth's Player Piano Center, 1000 White Pine Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia 23323

Phone 757-487-1601

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 For More Information Please send a    To Al Pebworth at Yesterday's Music
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